Flying Videos & Aviation Clips

A compilation of flying movies and aviation clips from pilots, passengers, and aviation enthusiasts. Flying videos here include user-submitted content, YouTube movies, airshow clips, and much more.

Supreme Flying Skills

This video is a montage of cool flying clips shot during and after my flight training. Scenery includes Long Island, the Long Island Sound, and the green hills of southern Connecticut. Most landings were shot with a dash-mounted camera.

The bulk of the day/night footage was taken by my buddy Jerroll and I after we got our PPL's. We took our Piper Warrior II out of Republic (KFRG) and did a round-trip to Bridgeport (KBDR) at dusk.

Music: 'She Sells Sanctuary' by The Cult.

Sick Pacific Fighters Montage

While not technically a 'real' flying video, sit back and enjoy these kickass dogfights, murderous strafings, and explosive kills - all set to some heavy music. IL-2/Pacific Fighters by UbiSoft is one of the greatest WWII combat simulators ever made, and it's even an excellent flight simulator to boot. The aircraft handling and especially the landings actually have a much more realistic feel than any of Microsoft's Flight Simulator series. If you get the chance I very highly recommend it.

Music: 'Bodies' by Drowning Pool.

Landing at Groton (KGON) - Runway 23

A clip of the base-to-final approach and full touch-n-go landing I performed during my long Cross Country solo. It was filmed by mounting the camera to the dash of my Piper Warrior II and then flipping it on once cleared to land (which explains the 'jump' in the beginning).

Groton's a beautiful airport, and the cross-river approach to runway 23 is very scenic. This was my first ever time coming here, although I'd end up going back once I got my license to take advantage of Groton's proximity to Foxwood's casino!

Sick Pacific Fighters Montage II

A year later, my buddy Andy ended up getting me a copy of the IL-2 1946 expansion pack. This gave me access to crazy new experimental german aircraft, most of them jets, and I ended up lost in the game again for another few weeks. The end result was a new montage of carnage: bigger planes, badder kills, and even beefier explosions.

Oh, and don't forget to check out my spin recovery at 1:05 (hastened by the chase of three Japanese Zeros). Enjoy.

Music: 'Ladies & Gentlemen' by Saliva.

Spins & Mountain Flying

Here's a female pilot doing some spin training in a Diamond Katana, which takes guts enough. She follows it up with some extremely scenic mountain flying.

The snow on the mountains is beautiful, but the close-up of the treetops even more so. The aircraft gets pretty close to some peaks, giving a real nice up-close and personal view the mountainside.

Whidbey Island Mooney - Bad Approach

A wild ride in a Mooney as it does an approach into Whidbey Island in moderate to severe turbulence. The aircraft lands high and fast on a very short strip, almost crashing.

While this certainly should've been a go-around, I give the pilot credit for posting the video. We've all come in high, we've all come in fast, and we've all tried to put the plane down anyway. Watching a landing like this gives an idea of just how far the envelope can be pushed.

Landing at Pougkeepsie (KPOU) - Runway 24

Entering the traffic pattern from a left base at KPOU, upstate NY. This movie was taken on one of my X-country solos, when I was still landing to the right of center - my flight instructor constantly used to bash me for that. Unfortunately the camera ran out just before touchdown.

If you watch, I add my third notch of flaps a little too early. My altitude drops, and I have to introduce some power to keep above the trees. During flight training, and even afterward, you'll learn that the throttle is your best friend. Never abandon it, especially during landings.

Landing on Block Island

Beautifully short landing performed by someone in a Cessna 172 Skyhawk. The strip is Block Island Airport, in Rhode Island. Well, not really in Rhode Island - more like in the middle of the ocean.

The runway on block island is only 2500 feet long. Not terribly short, but shorter than most of the runways I had the benefit of training on. I've always wanted to try it, but the few times we planned trips there the winds were crazy and I didn't want to risk bad crosswinds. The place is surrounded by water on all sides.

Bad Weather - Great Landing

Here's a pair of guys who got caught up in a typical California thunderstorm. They've got winds gusting to 20mph, raindrops the size of quarters, and even some hail thrown in for good measure. The pilot still does a great job of putting the plane down, despite all this.

Taking off into marginal weather is always a gamble. I don't know if I'd have been up there on a day like this, but then again, I've lived in Florida so I can relate. The weather there can go from sunshine to shit in less than five minutes, rain buckets, and then ten minutes later the sun's out and steam is rising off the roads. Nice landing in a bad situation.

P-51 Mustang & P-40 Warhawk in Action

Went to a small airshow at the American Airpower Museum at my home airfield (KFRG) in Farmingdale. They've got a B-17, a Corsair, and a bunch of other cool planes, including a recently-retired F-14 Tomcat.

Here are a couple of flybys by the Mustang and the Warhawk. The speed and climbing power of these aircraft is just unbelievable... you really have to see it in person to get a sense of it. I sure wouldn't have wanted to dogfight these aircraft back in the day.